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Cleste sertizare pressmaster csa-0760

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Descrierea producatorului:

The tool is a precision, ratchet crimp tool designed to provide consistent and reliable crimp connections on red,blue,yellow insulated terminals on wires ranging from 0,75-6,0 mm.

* The dies mark to terminal so that they can be inspected for correct use of the tool.

* Ergonomic handles allowing two handed operation for powerful, low effort crimping.

* Ratchet action to ensure full crimp cycle with safety release.

* Durable - minimum of 50,000 cycles.

* Tool is factory set with a precise eccentric cam adjustment function to guarantee performance.

Technical data

Prod.code: CSA-0760
Lenght : 225 mm/8,86”
Height : 70 mm/2,76”
Weight gr/lbs: 540 gr/1,19 lbs
Connector: Pre-insulated
Description: red,blue,yellow
Wire size awg: 22-10 AWG
Wire size mm: 0,75-6,0 mm/ 22-10 AWG.
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